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Story-Formed Way Extras

Companion to The Story-Formed Way

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The Storyformed Way Extras is the 10 week version of the Story of God with additional resources for the storyteller and participants. The “Extras” version includes powerpoint slides, worship songs, illustrations, and weekly handouts for participants to take home and dive deeper into the story. This is great resource for people walking through the story with larger groups, as an entire congregation, or for groups wanting to dive deeper and engage further. Authored by Soma Family of Churches

The The Storyformed Way Extras ZIP file that you download includes PDF, DOCX and PAGES filetypes of the document.

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© 2017 Saturate. The Saturate Story of God Resources were developed from story sets created by the International Mission Board of the SBC. These story sets were adapted into the Story of God by Caesar Kalinowski and Mike Novelli for Soma. These resources have been further edited over the years by the leadership of the Soma Family of Churches. You are free to use, remix, and build upon this work non-commercially if you attribute “” For information, see

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