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Where Do I Go from Here?

Life After the Field Guide and Making a Covenant

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Your missional community walked through a Field Guide laying the foundation for being the church and you then made a covenant filled with practical next steps to grow up into the faithfulness and obedience, but what’s next? How do you make goals and set trajectory when the content runs out? How do you discern the best follow-up?

This resource provides a thought map and guide to help leaders and coaches develop a discipleship plan after they’ve laid a foundation and crafted a covenant. It provides leaders with the questions to ask themselves on next steps for their community. It is also useful for coaches, giving them the questions and mindsets so they can help leaders after the content runs out. Give them a few tools, processes, and guides they can add to their toolbelt to help leaders discover what’s next. Authored by Brad Watson

The Where do I go from Here ZIP file that you download includes PDF, DOCX and PAGES filetypes of the document.

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