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We are in the midst of a discipleship crisis here in the United States.

So many of us are in church ministry because we want to see people’s lives transformed…and for the most part, that’s just not what we are experiencing.

Look Inside

Here’s a snapshot of it by the numbers: 

  • The average church has less than 35% percent of adult attenders in a small group.
  • Of the people who are in groups, 73% of people involved feel spiritually stuck.
  • Looking further out, 79% percent of Christians shared their faith with less than one person last year.
  • More than 55% of pastors feel like the discipleship process in their church won’t mobilize people into mission where they live, work, learn, and play


These kinds of numbers can be so discouraging. So what gives?…And how do we get our churches unstuck? That’s what this Disciple-Making Digital Workshop is all about.


This Workshop is inherently practical and is designed for practitioners. We want to help pastors build something that works. Join Jeff Vanderstelt and team and we will:

  • Quickly explore how the last 50 years got us to this point.
  • Paint a picture of what’s been half-right, and half-missing for most churches.
  • Assess your church’s discipleship model.
  • Introduce the Disciple-Making Roadmap that’ll help you build the discipleship future you’re longing for.
  • Show how disciple-making always leads to mobilization and evangelism.
  • Give participants concrete next steps for building a disciple-making model that works.

At the end of the day, we believe that one of the best ways to grow your church is through growing your people. This workshop will show you how.


The Digital Workshop will be on Zoom. After you register, the Zoom link will be emailed to you.

Date/Time: Thursday, October 6 from 2:00-5:00pm EST

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