Are you starting, transitioning, or trying to strengthen some form of Missional Community/Gospel Community structure of discipleship in your church?

Schedule an EveryDay Onsite and receive highly relational and interactive training for your church and for other like-minded churches in your area!

The Saturate EveryDay Onsite is designed to help your church move from concept to practice via large and small group discussion, Q&A and sharing of best practices, and coaching.

(Attendees can expect to engage in 25% Training, 25% large group discussion, 25% small group application and action steps, and 25% coaching groups.)

Lead by seasoned practitioners, this two-day training will include topics such as:

  • Definition of a Disciple and Discipleship
  • Gospel and Gospel Identity
  • Training MC/GC Leaders (Head, Heart, Hands)
  • Shared Mission and Mission Focus
  • Gospel Fluency & Everyday Gospel Conversations
  • Spirit dependence in your life and leadership
  • Gospel Shepherding & DNA Groups
  • Removing Barriers to Effective Disciple-making
    Transition strategies — practical help for transitioning from Sunday to everyday discipleship
  • Healthy rhythms for your marriage and parenting as a leader in an MC structured church

Built into the schedule will be plenty of time to discuss and process key concepts and questions with your team, as well as full access to the trainers during meals, breaks, and free time for further discussion. Additionally, during the training we’ll be actively seeking and listening to the Spirit for guidance on what He wants to reveal and emphasize during the training.

The goal of the Saturate EveryDay Onsite is to encourage, equip, and help each other grow in making disciples and multiplying healthy communities on mission for the glory of God!

We launched Pilot Missional Community Groups at Doxa because, while we could define what a missional community is: it's a group family servant missionaries sent to make disciples who make disciples in the every day stuff of life, we hadn’t flushed out what that really means what it looks like day-to-day. The Saturate Field Guide answers that question by taking groups through an 8-week journey of discovering who Jesus is and what discipleship is and how understanding our family, servant, missionary identity is the foundation for all missional community life. Before we can move forward "doing" something, we need to understand that what we do comes out of our "being". All of our behaviors are the result of what we believe about who God is as revealed through what God does, leading to what we believe about who we are, and therefore, what we should do. I am pleased to report that nearly every member of the group has taken new steps of obedience and faithfulness to Jesus' mission of making disciples as a result of diving into the Field Guide and applying it to their lives over the last 8 weeks. Many of the best stories have been from simple everyday obediences, like inviting a neighbor over for coffee.

Tim PattonElder & Director of Missional Communities, Doxa Church, Bellevue WA

The Intensive helped our missional plant prayerfully and strategically plan the next 6 months. We have become more intentional about our schedules individually and collectively to allow space and time for natural rhythms of missional engagement in our context. We were reminded about our dependence, trust, and reliance on the Spirit.

The sessions also helped us make honest assessments and evaluations of various aspects of ministry and our own hearts (times of both rejoicing in Christ and repentance before Him).

Johnathan BarnesEcclesia Church, Belleville, IL


The cost for Saturate EveryDay Onsite is $2500 plus travel expenses for the Saturate Trainer/Staff. Once your application has been submitted, we'll contact you to schedule your Onsite. Payment will be due once Onsite is contracted. Questions may be directed to
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    Please indicate when you'd like to schedule your Onsite. We'll be in touch to schedule specific dates
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred date.