06: The Work of Coaching Movement (AUDIO)


We want to see a movement of disciples that saturate our cities with the gospel. We want to see new churches born and old churches reborn around the mission of the church. But, what does it look like to lead a movement like that? What is the work of a leader to foster and cultivate a movement?

“Leadership that Releases Movement” is a six part series that explores what it looks like to cast vision and do the ongoing work required to support a decentralized movement of disciple making. Join David Achata, director of coaching for Saturate, as he interviews some of the top practitioners on the work of a leader: Todd Engstrom, Jeff Vanderstelt, Pete Scazzero, and many more.

Episode 6: The Work of Coaching Movement
How do people learn without being taught? Keith Webb and Jordan Elder share the power of non-directive coaching and how to implement a coaching culture in your church. Learn how to release God’s people without ever telling anyone what to do.


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