Full Series | MC Church Realities (AUDIO)


Churches that are structured around missional communities face a diverse range of challenges and questions. How do you develop apprentices and multiply? What about elders, the gathering, and kids ministry? How do you shepherd people on mission through DNA groups? All of these questions and more are addressed in MC Church Realities. Designed as a supplement to How to Equip a Missional Community, this series speaks to key questions that have been asked by many leaders.


There are 14 downloadable audio files in this series:

1 – Gather Grow Go
2 – MC Primary Organizing Structure
3 – Purpose of Gathering
4 – Planning vs Transitioning to MCs
5 – How to Transition to MCs
6 – Gospel Shepherding Strategy
7 – Role of DNA Groups

8 – Missional Community
9 – Developing Apprentice Leaders
10 – APEST Implications for MC
11 – Coaching Missional Communities
12 – Soma Kids
13 – Role of Elders
14 – Role of Elders and Deacons


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