Missional Church Transition Starter

Stories, Training, and Resources to Move From Sunday to Everyday


Product Description

Where do you begin to transition your church from Sunday to everyday? What small shifts are essential? Has anyone ever tried to move their churches from attractional or traditional models of discipleship toward missional communities? What are their stories? What did they learn?

These are the questions we receive all the time from churches of all backgrounds, sizes, and structures. We’ve packaged this starter to help guide people through those questions. This starter is filled with stories from leaders all over North America. It has practical wisdom and helps frame the process for your leadership to take the next steps.
This resource includes:
  • 20+ videos of practitioners, stories, and practices on key topics.
  • Multiple e-books to encourage you during your church’s transition toward everyday mission.
  • “Pilot Group Guide” for establishing your first missional communities.
  • Assessments, guides, and discussion questions for your leadership team.


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